SW Series

Complete kit for dust vacuuming, with internal bag

complete-kit-for-dust-vacuuming-with-internal-bag src 1
Optional: SW15 Hot/
SW15 Foam/SW15 Hot Foam

Foaming chemical T-Foam, 5l

foaming-chemical-t-foam-5l src 1
Code # : T-Foam
Standard: SW15 Foam/SW15
Hot Foam (2)

Aluminum hand tool, with 1 spray nozzle (2)

aluminum-hand-tool-with-1-spray-nozzle src 1
Code # : NS10ALL-M
Optional: SW15/SW15 Hot/
SW30/SW15 Foam/Hot Foam

Defoamer Anti-Foam, 1l bottle

defoamer-anti-foam-1l-bottle src 1
Code # : Anti-Foam
Optional: SW Series machines

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